Grilling is communication.

Getting together with family and friends around an amber.q charcoal grill. Grilling warms our hearts, brings us together.

The amber.q grills are complete charcoal grill systems for simultaneous grilling

The amber.q grill system comes in many sizes to fit the griller’s needs while being ideal for multiple, simultaneous grillings.

It can remain as portable or be built into our cement construction or your own, becoming the main part of your personal meeting place. It can also be built into professional kitchen countertops or into your home kitchen’s.

Let’s create together some of your very special moments!

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Rotation makes the difference.

By changing the grilling way we change the taste result. Rotation makes the difference in grilling. In our amber.q grill systems, we emphasized rotation. Small and large spits rotating at the same time, even grilling grates!

All in one motion by a powerful worm gear motor.

Mallioras Brothers

Amberq Andreas
Amberq Georgios

Mallioras Brothers

We, brothers Mallioras, George and Andreas, first constructed the amber.q grill systems to share with you our great passion for grilling

The amber.q grills, portables or part of an outdoor or indoor kitchen, convey a message, a philosophy; the value of getting together with our company around a charcoal grill, to fill our hearts first. Grilling is communication!

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