Kokoretsi recipe in charcoal grill

The kokoretsi (lamb offal wrapped in lamb intestines) is a roast that traditionally in Greece always accompany the whole lamb roast on Easter as an appetizer until the lamb is ready. “Plekti” is how our ancestors used to call it, according to Omiros writings.

After numerous grillings, different taste results, and a lot of researching, we have concluded in six basic factors that will give the best, classic Greek kokoretsi.

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  • 2 suckling lamb offals
  • 2 suckling lamb caul fat
  • 3 suckling lamb complete intestines
  • 12 g salt per kilo of offal
  • 1 g black pepper per kilo of offal


First factor: offals of a suckling lamb, as well as the intestines. Cut the offal into medium pieces. Place them inside a vessel, adding the salt and pepper and mix well to spread the seasoning evenly.

Second factor: the rinsing of the intestines. Don’t turn the intestines inside-out. Just pass water 3-4 through them. When you turn them inside-out then they will be slippery while at the same time, since their inner side is more sensitive to heat, they will get burned.

Third factor: the correct wrapping of the kokoretsi. Wrap it right before grilling. Skewering and wrapping from the previous day is a bad tactic because it will drain during the night, resulting in a dry kokoretsi after grilling.

These factors are only referring to the preparation. Now, let’s see the grilling process.

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Fourth factor: the grilling. Grill at a high temperature from the start. Kokoretsi has many juices so don’t afraid of the heat. So, place it very close to the charcoals right from the start.

Fifth factor: the right time to remove it. Here, a thermometer will help a lot. With an internal temperature of 80°C, it’s ready to be removed. At this grilling stage, grill very close to the charcoals so it can gain color.

Sixth factor: the resting after grilling. After removing it from the grill, wrap it in aluminum foil for 6-7’ to maintain its juices and cool down.

You are now ready to enjoy it with your company! Juicy, tasty, and traditional.

Happy grilling to everyone!