Our journey to amber.q

Our great passion for grilling and charcoal grills drove us to design and create the amber.q products.


The turning point; turning the page by creating the new amber.q grill system for multiple-use and grilling capacity that changes the charcoal grill as was known in Greece. A result of hard work and continuous grillings.

Collecting many thoughts and opinions, we resulted in the amber.q grill system, constructing the first grill system made by grillers for grillers with our wish for it to be a reason to get together with your company. Grilling is communication, and not just a primitive way of preparing the food.

Amberq history 2018


At Lake Plastira in Karditsa, Greece, our hometown, we launched our first model; the first grill that, after numerous changes and adjustments, resulted in using a single, yet very powerful motor, to give motion to all the worms drives at the same time.

So, May 1st, 2015: the precursor of the amber.q grill system was first used for grilling, getting the attention of the attendees. Many thoughts were shared upon it. We kept what we considered useful to evolve.

Amberq history 2015


Our first patent for the spit rotation grill system. The triple vertical worm driver enhanced the grilling capacity of the then available charcoal grill systems in Greece by giving a free and easy access of the spit to the back positions. A key advantage which we made sure to keep in the amber.q built constructions as well. During that period, we also added fixed lighting embodied in the cement construction. At the same time, we adapted the firecabin, inspired by the primitive grilling way, so the ember stays right in the center while cleaning is now easy; just by closing the lid, the remaining ashes stay inside and well-stored for the next grilling.

Somewhere at this point, we created the first BBQ - grill forum in Greece. Our company there is notable, everyone a fanatic griller, and the topics on grilling and charcoal grill and wood-fired oven construction are now numerous. Through the “DIY” section we first gave “how to“ instructions to build your own handmade charcoal grill or wood fired oven. Through our BBQ - grill forum we are still exchanging valuable information. It’s our favorite space online and it will still remain available on our old website page, where we will be supporting it with the company there growing. Our entire old website will now be a big BBQ - grill forum.

Amberq history 2010


The writer of this brief timeline story, accepted Andreas Mallioras’, his dear brother’s, proposal to join and grow his individual business together. He quitted his long and successful career as a sales manager in a big company, as an agriculturist, which is his major.

Andreas’ proposal was plain, simple and straightforward: “Let’s now grow this business together. It’s now or never!” I followed my instincts, then, and now I’m here, very touched to actually writing our story.

Amberq history 2005


Andreas started constructing the first charcoal grills. Capable craftsman from a young age, he constructed the molds himself and started producing with a tremendous amount of work, and a great belief in what he had just started all by himself. However, someone did believe in him and admired him for his great strength and effort. So, somehow like that, we joined our forces, one complementing each other, with our goals now shared and very high.

The great passion for grilling and the grill philosophy are also mutual. They derive from our common childhood memories where our father used to gather us around the ember to grill something usually very simple. Though this plain dish, this simple get-together really touched our souls. So, now we, in turn, want to share our grill philosophy. With our goal now being reminding everyone to fill our hearts besides our stomachs.

Amberq history 1999


With this vision in mind, we created our YouTube channel “Grill philosophy”, and the online page in our website, under the same name, with recipes and grilling instructions. Our gained experience in grilling and the constant research will guarantee more recipes to come, complex ones, basic or even professional ones. The writing of recipe or “how to” books will also continue. Our amber.q grills will also constantly evolve, and new accessories and grilling techniques to come will make grilling easier, imaginative, loved and accessible to everyone. We are here and we continue creating towards what we love: grilling and good company.

Our journey doesn’t end here, it continues. It progresses daily through our YouTube channel and our recipe webpage on our website. We are here for all grillers, we are here for everyone that loves grilling and good company, we are here to all the world grillers and we invite them, you, to try our grilling ways but also embracing our philosophy.

Grilling unites people and nations!

The writer,
George Mallioras.

Amberq history today