Mutton ribs on charcoal grill recipe

Mutton ribs on charcoal grill are a very special dish. An eclectic roast, grilled on our charcoal grill always attracts friends. It's very easy to grill mutton ribs, as long as you pay attention to certain basic factors: quality meat, dry-aged for 8-12 days in our butcher's fridge, and proper meat cutting, 1.5 cm thick approximately.

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  • Mutton ribs from the loin to the shoulder
  • Salt
  • Oregano


There's no need for preparation prior to grilling. The salt, in this case, is best to be added in the end, after grilling, along with oregano. The salt-oregano analogy is 1 tablespoon of salt with 1 teaspoon of oregano.

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Light the charcoals on the charcoal grill. When they are fully lit, spread them and place the mutton ribs on a clean grilling grate. Grill at a high temperature. Turn quickly several times for proper searing on both sides.

Remove them when the color seems OK but be careful not to dry them. Using a thermometer is very helpful, with the desired temperature at 65-70°C for well-done or at 60°C for a more juicy result. Don't overgrill them because the meat will dry and will turn stiff.

After removing them from the grilling grate, cover them with aluminum foil for a few minutes to maintain the juices. Uncover and season generously with the salt and oregano mixture you have already prepared.

A good company and red wine are a must. Grilled tomatoes and seasonal salads can and should always accompany your roasts.


Happy grilling to everyone!